Hong Kong launches online exhibition on employment rights, benefits

It discusses in detail various topics outlined in government ordinances

Hong Kong launches online exhibition on employment rights, benefits

Hong Kong's Labour Department on Wednesday launched an online exhibition containing the employment rights and benefits of employees there.

The exhibition, which will last until March 31, outlines information provided in Hong Kong's Employment Ordinance and Minimum Wage Ordinance.

"The online exhibition features the main provisions of the Employment Ordinance and the Minimum Wage Ordinance, employment rights and benefits for foreign domestic helpers, as well as good human resource management measures," according to the government's media release.

It can be accessed on the Labour Department's website, which will take readers on a webpage containing information sourced from the Employment Ordinance, Good Human Resource Management, and Statutory Minimum Wage.

"The Employment Ordinance is a main piece of legislation providing a comprehensive set of employment standards to govern the conditions of employment in the establishments outside the government sector," read the webpage.

One of the topics discussed is on employment records and using written employment contracts, along with the responsibilities of employers and employees about them.

A responsibility outlined on the webpage reminds employers to "draw up reasonable and fair employment terms, such as wages and benefits, working hours and overtime compensation arrangements, and explain to the employee the conditions of employment in details."

It also instructs employers to keep a copy of wage and employment records, including what should be written in them, as well as how to terminate such contracts.

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In terms of wages, one of the reminders included states that employers should pay wages to employees not later than seven days after the end of the wage period or termination of employment contract. The page also provides the calculation for long service payment as well as severance payment.

Another topic discussed is on rest days, holidays, and leave, and how employees are entitled to them and other possible alternative arrangements. 

The exhibition also provides information on the rights, benefits, and protection of various type of employees, as well as distinguishes employees from contractors or self-employer persons.

Other topics included in the exhibition are the following:

  • Employment Protection and Trade Unions
  • Family-friendly Employment Practices
  • Work Arrangements in Times of Typhoons and Rainstorms
  • Statutory Minimum Wage
  • Statutory Minimum Wage: Employees with Disabilities and Student Employees

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