Fun Friday: Employees react to return-to-work schemes

Some may be a tad outrageous, but most are just utterly relatable

Fun Friday: Employees react to return-to-work schemes

Employees being getting asked to return to workplaces as the COVID-19 pandemic starts to show signs of decline. And as expected, the internet is buzzing with hilarious content about what their reactions are upon hearing the news.  HRD compiled some of the best reactions scattered online. Some may be too outrageous, but some are just too relatable.

1. It's the comeback that's 'been a long time coming'

@imchrisyon For legal reasons, this is a joke πŸ˜… #corporate #corporatehumor #wfh #worklife #9to5 ♬ original sound - MeemzyTv

7. Nothing wrong with this corporate look

@tavalynnette #greenscreen #returntotheoffice #wfh ♬ original sound - be happy ;) 🧿

8. Of course, we always have that one colleague

@tiktokjobtips Are you Team Office, Team Remote or Team Hybrid? #workfromhome #returntooffice #worklifebalance #coworkers ♬ original sound - Loren Schaffer

While these may all be in good fun, employers must not disregard the underlying concerns of employees about returning to workplaces. Some staff members are really worried about compliance of their workplaces on safety standards, while some are concerned on vaccinations and relationships with their colleagues.

To address this, Randstad advised employers to "lead the charge and take a stand when it comes to safety."

"Jobseekers are in the driver's seat right now but demonstrating your commitment to workplace safety is one of the most effective ways to position yourself as an employer of choice," Randstad added.

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