Guide to onboarding remotely

Get onboard with virtual onboarding

Guide to onboarding remotely

A company does not become an expert on virtual onboarding overnight. An article written by HRD's Coann Labitoria gives 6 basic tips for adjusting to virtual onboarding.

  1. Help the new employee set up their workspaces

Provide new remote employees with the software and equipment they need to perform their job. Include clear instructions for set up, install and logging on. Schedule a video call with new employees and IT so they can be guided through communication channels and company software.

  1. Provide them with a welcome kit or package

Sending a welcome gift to a new remote employee can go a long way towards making that employee feel welcomed, included, and part of the organisation’s community, raising morale and workforce satisfaction.

  1. It is crucial to introduce new employees to the team

Open communication with teammates breeds trust, productivity, and employee engagement. Meeting your teammates early allows employees to begin exploring how they are going to work together moving forward.

  1. Build a buddy system for your new employees

Often new employees are on-boarded in groups. Create a buddy system within those groups to encourage open communication between employees.

  1. Designate a culture buddy for the new employees

Assign an employee that has been with the company longer, to be a culture buddy for a new employee so they can freely explore the culture of a company and hands on knowledge of the workforce and operations.

  1. Provide a list of stakeholders in the company

Provide a list of the company’s key stakeholders, with position descriptions and why that employee might interact with each stakeholder, so they understand operations, know where they fit in a company’s success and improve the workflow of the company.

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