10 companies embracing hybrid work and how they're doing it

There are negatives and positives to hybrid work but here's 10 companies implementing it

10 companies embracing hybrid work and how they're doing it

COVID has proven that employees can be productive while working remotely and many businesses are choosing to continue that way.

The biggest benefit of remote work is opening your business up to a wider talent pool. It also reduces your operating costs and cuts down employee absenteeism.

For managers, tracking work progress and resolving conflict and employees feeling disengaged can be trickier to deal with

Despite the negatives this is becoming the new normal in workplaces. Let’s look at some of the businesses that have embraced the future of work.

  1. Apple - Announced that its employees would work from the office 3 days a week and had the choice to work from home 2 days a week.
  2. Microsoft – Employees can work from anywhere for 50% of the week. Employees can go 100% remote with management approval.
  3. Shopify – The company is ‘digital by default’. Most employees are permanently remote but some work from their offices in Canada and Ireland.
  4. Slack – Employees can work fully from home and are encouraged to work hours that work for them.
  5. Spotify – Spotify has offices available, but employees can work from wherever they want. Spotify also pays co-working space fees for employees who don’t live in a Spotify location.
  6. Twitter – Twitter allows employees to choose whether they work remotely or in the office.
  7. Upwork – Operates a remote-first hybrid model and operate two office spaces in Chicago and San Francisco.
  8. Quora – Most of Quora’s employees opted to not come back to the office so the company adopted a remote-first hybrid model.
  9. Pinterest – Didn’t expect its employees to return to the office and operates a remote-first hybrid model.
  10. LinkedIn – allows employees to choose their preferred work set-up

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