How to hire for diversity

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How to hire for diversity

These days organisations are prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) but many struggle with the balance hiring talent that will raise organisational performance while meeting DEI goals for the long-term.

A comprehensive whitepaper published by HRD in partnership with Modern Hire reveals the latest research in capturing crucial DEI elements without impacting the efficacy of the hiring process.

Download the full FREE whitepaper now: Hire for diversity with long-term results

Talent leaders recognise that uneven developmental diversity initiatives are not enough and the need to incorporate DEI into their corporate values and “walk the talk” as the labour market demands next-level DEI.

As more companies aim for next-level DEI, it means infusing their organisation’s culture, core values and competency models with a DEI mindset. In a holistic DEI culture, job success is defined not simply by how well the employee performs core job requirements, but how well they promote belonging, fairness, and a reduction of bias at work.

Do your candidates hold and demonstrate values that your organisation is trying to cultivate and promote? What if you could hire people who have the relevant qualifications for the job but who also value inclusion and can help the company move forward?

Here is what you can expect to take away from this whitepaper:

  • Discover the latest research on capturing crucial DEI elements without impacting hiring efficiency
  • Learn about the two market trends accelerating demand for diversity recruitment
  • See a case study about the long-term effectiveness of anti-bias hiring practices
  • Improve fairness in the hiring process and create greater organisational equity
  • Learn how to hire the right talent fast with an eye toward long-term DEI goals. Fill out the form and secure your copy today.

Download the full FREE whitepaper now: Hire for diversity with long-term results

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