How to foster a culture of DEI in the workplace

'Only about 40% of businesses currently have DEI staff assigned'

How to foster a culture of DEI in the workplace

The three things that predict success in a DEI program are having a dedicated headcount, having an intentional strategy and measuring the effect of DEI programs.

“Only about 40% of businesses currently have DEI staff assigned to do this role and often they are a team of one, which is not an appropriate resourcing strategy for this,” added Audrey Blanche, global head of equitable design & impact at Culture Amp, a company that has a long history of supporting businesses on their DEI journey.

“I would say’, continues Blanche for companies that want to survive in the current environment it is absolutely non-negotiable to establish and follow through on your companies DEI initiative.”

Research conducted by Culture Amp shows that for every 100 straight, white men that are leaving the workforce, only 66 are entering the workforce so workforces are naturally becoming more diverse. Culture Amp research also shows that leaders tend to be cisgender, straight, white men.

“They already experience a sense of inclusion and lack the theory of mind to understand that you need to invest to create the quality of experience they’re having for people who don’t share their background,” said Blanche.

In the face of the ‘Great Resignation’, the war for talent has emerged and companies that do have clear DEI strategies are winning the war for talent.

“Companies that are not investing in DEI are just not going to be good enough,” said Blanche.

They’re going to be outcompeted in terms of talent acquisition, talent development and talent retention. Companies that are fostering inclusive and equitable cultures are going to be a place where people want to belong and they feel more motivated to perform at a high level.

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