How to stop loneliness becoming an issue for your employees

Loneliness is the emotional state caused by isolation – and it can kill morale

How to stop loneliness becoming an issue for your employees

How to beat loneliness and isolation at work

As workforces embrace hybrid working models, HR leaders will be handling increasing amounts of employee loneliness and isolation.

Loneliness is the emotional state caused by isolation. If an employee feels lonely at work this can have an affect on their motivation and output.

Not all people feel loneliness in the same way so it can be difficult to measure loneliness in your workforce.

Common causes of workplace loneliness and isolation

  • Company culture
  • Cliques and social groups
  • Demographics
  • Work setup
  • Personal issues

The impact of loneliness and isolation in the workplace

Research has found that workplace loneliness leads to poor performance in an individual which can spread to the rest of the team.

Loneliness can lead to depression, poor sleep quality, accelerated cognitive decline, and impaired immunity.

How to beat loneliness and isolation at work

1. Assess the situation

Conduct surveys, from there you can analyse the data and identify any gaps that need filling.

2. Schedule social gatherings

A monthly lunch or bi-weekly virtual meet does wonders for connection.

3. Build meaningful connections

Understanding the goals and motivations of employees creates a space for exploring and achieving those goals. 

4. Offer employee assistance programs

Sometimes employees prefer expert confidential assistance to share their problems with.

5. Recognise and share success

Celebrate the successes of your employees so they feel appreciated and encouraged to be more productive and engaged.

Whether you’re in a physical office or working remotely, workplaces can get lonely. HR leaders should create a space where employees can share and support each other.

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