How to spot and manage a toxic employee

Bad behaviour can lead to a drop in morale and productivity

How to spot and manage a toxic employee

It takes all sorts to make a world, condescending colleagues are simply just part of that. HR managers should be adept at identifying the tell-tale signs of internal worker disputes. In a recent article, Coann Labitoria outlines five types of condescending behaviour in the workplace and 7 tips on how to deal with it. Condescending people act superior and with intent to make other employees to feel bad. This behaviour can lead to employees doubting their skills which ultimately affects your productivity.

The following are some behaviours displayed by condescending employees

  1. Over-explaining unnecessary information
  2. Name-dropping
  3. Using demeaning nicknames
  4. Interrupting others while speaking
  5. Equating their experiences to others

Here are some tips on how to manage condescending behaviour

  1. Don’t take things personally

When facing condescension in the workplace, the best thing to do is stay calm and ignore the condescending comment.

  1. Evaluate the comment for constructive feedback

Evaluate the comment for any insightful feedback that could be useful to your development as an employee.

  1. Always neutralise your body language

Stand straight, make eye contact, use a calm tone of voice, and hold your ground mentally and physically.

  1. Have an open conversation

Schedule a meeting and point out how the condescending behaviour is affecting others and the overall work environment.

  1. Ask for clarification

A diverse workforce means what may seem appropriate to one may be disrespectful in someone else’s culture. Ask for further clarification on what the statement means.

  1. Set an example

Anyone in the organisation should be a model of good behaviour towards one another.

  1. Educate employees and managers

Training programs on handling condescending behaviour are great for preventing future workplace conflict.

Catching the signs of condescension early and addressing them before they become a habit goes a long way to lessening office conflicts.

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