Engaging in the new normal: Who is responsible?

The new workplace is neither what it is today nor is it going to be what may have been in the current circumstances. It will have to be a newer, mature and a more inclusive workplace that takes into account the needs of the organisations, the ‘human experience’ that’s right for the employees and at the same time, the motivations to maintain the balance between the employer-employee relationship.

So, what role does engagement and organisational culture play in building this new workplace? Who takes the lead in addressing this? Is it the leadership or is it a collective responsibility of all and needs to be driven by the people?

Join us for this free Q&A webinar and hear Vikas Verma, Executive Director, Head HR Strategy at United Overseas Bank Limited and Dr. Natalie Baumgartner one of the world’s leading researchers in the subject of employee science and a TEDx speaker share insights on what engaging in the new normal looks like.

Key takeaways include:

  • The role of HR and the leadership in preparing for the future of work
  • Insights on what investments and steps organisations are taking towards future capability building
  • Learnings on what previous practices may not work in the new normal