Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali

Top HR Teams 2019

The mission of Mövenpick’s HR function is to be the transformer of the company culture, to always be able to maintain a learning environment, as well as to keep the team motivated and passionate about their roles and to collaborate well in order achieve the hotel’s objectives.


In addition to playing a strategic HR role, Mövenpick’s HR team is responsible for administering programs that aim to provide stellar employee experience and engage the workforce.

Initiatives such as health benefits, workers’ compensation, employee recognition as well as long-term disability programs have proven successful – employee engagement jumped from 65% in 2017 to 87% in 2018. The team also maintains a high level of employee retention, with the average turnover rate hovering at 0.87% in 2017 and 1.13% in 2019.

They also sustained a high level of employee productivity for two years in a row, reflected in Mövenpick’s annual financial results. The team also went on to attain a ‘gold’ for the Tri Hita Karana Award in 2018, a recognition that showcases the business’s ability to maintain high standards while preserving Bali’s social, environmental and cultural aspects.

HR helps develop the organisation’s diverse and inclusive work environment by ensuring that the organisation provides equal opportunities to all employees. Their efforts have sustained a 50-50 ratio between male and female leaders, as well as the hiring and empowerment of people with disabilities within the company.

Additionally, Mövenpick‘s strong learning culture is enabled through HR’s continuous coaching support to departmental trainers, holding monthly meetings to share and address challenges, and get feedback on the organisation’s overall development program.

HR also offers employees the opportunity to grow holistically through initiatives that focus on CSR, as well as a ‘Cross Training’ programs that gives employees the chance to learn and practice new skills.