Gardens by the Bay

Top HR Teams 2019

Diversity is the hallmark of the talented teams that comprise Gardens by the Bay. With an equal share of Baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Y and Millennial workers in the mix, GB has successfully managed this delicate ecosystem of four generations co-existing in the workplace.

The operator has received numerous accolades for its exemplary HR practices, which promote high-level performance, workforce stability, work-life balance and employee satisfaction.

As the company behind one of Singapore’s most famous tourist attractions, GB has established itself as a fun and friendly workplace. In the past two years, the HR team has successfully steered the business into achieving a 100% retention rate, a feat in the operationally intensive environment of the tourist attraction industry.

Amid the demands of working in a customer-facing environment, the staff have registered an average of more than 40 hours of training per employee in the past year alone.

The company has also completed its service excellence review to help employees rekindle their commitment to providing guests with world-class service. The focus was to enable staff to become exemplary hosts at all times and embrace the 3R quality of service into their corporate DNA: that of being ready, respectful and responsive to guests and colleagues alike.