Far East Organization

Top HR Teams 2019

Real estate developer Far East Organization aims to foster joy, integrity and honesty in the workplace and the greater community. Far East hopes to translate top virtues into ethical business practices that, in turn, bring fulfilment to customers, business partners and employees.

The philosophy behind Far East Organization’s HR practices and policies is shaped by the team’s mission and obligation as ‘stewards of the enterprise’. The company believes people are at the heart of organisational excellence, so it ensures employees find resonance in its values, appreciate growth opportunities in the organisation, and build their future with the team.

The developer has created a flagship Leadership Speakers Series and a signature program called ‘Leading the Far East Way’ to instil leadership skills in staff and inspire a values-driven corporate environment. It has also introduced the ‘Grow Your Career’ initiative to help employees sharpen their competencies and develop accountability in their career development.

Far East Organization also provides staff with travel opportunities through the ‘ABCD Alphabet School’ program. The initiative allows them to gain a multicultural experience as they visit global cities and immerse in their culture ‘through the lenses of Arts, Buildings, Community and Dining’.

The company believes in looking after the total wellbeing of its people by offering them and their loved ones physical, mental and spiritual support. It strives to align employee needs with business priorities to create an environment that is conducive to success.