BreadTalk Group Ltd

Top HR Teams 2019

At the heart of BreadTalk Group’s HR strategy is the mission to transform the company into an Employer of Choice. To support market expansion, the HR team is working to build manpower for all business units and shaping the next generation of leaders.

BreadTalk identifies top performers in the team and gives them special projects and foundational leadership training. Mid- to senior level employees, on the other hand, undergo mid-tier and on-the-job training and mentorship.

The company has established its own training academy – BTG University – which provides employees with holistic development and skills upgrade. As an Approved Training Organisation, the academy is able to formulate training programs in the context of BTG’s business needs while benchmarking the courses against industry standards. Learning and development initiatives focus on three areas: operations excellence, corporate training and leadership management.

In addition to enhancing its management training programs, the HR team strives for a more inclusive workforce by partnering with SG Enable to welcome people with disability into the team.

As the company continues to grow, the HR team has partnered with Mercer to re-evaluate all the job grades and titles across business units and countries to achieve consistency in the internal grading system, clarity on rewards and compensation, and a more transparent career progression framework for employees. In the process, policies concerning employee transfers, overseas postings and training sponsorship were also updated to further support global deployment.

BreadTalk has also revamped its HR systems and data management processes by integrating all employee data as well as data on performance and talent management on a single HCM platform. By harmonising entries across the region, BreadTalk’s leaders can quickly and easily pull up the numbers to help them formulate insights and recommendations about the business.