Bank of Singapore Limited

Top HR Teams 2019

With more than 2,000 employees, Bank of Singapore represents a diverse workforce united by a strong corporate culture. This delicate balance of unity and diversity enables the company to echo a common set of values while recognising the contribution of individual employees.

Bank of Singapore’s brand promise is built on three pillars: being caring, being progressive and delivering a difference.

The company’s culture of compassion and nurturance is reflected in a range of initiatives, from providing support and coaching to staff on personal or work-related matters, to offering flexible work hours, promoting work-life balance, and enhancing health and wellness benefits for staff and their dependents.

Among its most unique employee perks are the ‘Fast Forward’ weekend scheme, in which employees are given two hours off one Friday of the month, and the monthly chill-out sessions.

Apart from fostering a caring environment, Bank of Singapore is also progressive in providing employees with a platform to grow professionally. Staff have the opportunity to take advanced programs on private banking, learn about artificial intelligence, or sign up for online courses on Coursera. They can also gain international exposure by being sent on assignments overseas.

Bank of Singapore aims to make a difference in the lives of employees by streamlining workflow and eliminating pain points. As part of a bank-wide push to go paperless, the company has digitised staff contracts and switched to a mobile application for the submission of medical claims. It now deploys AI in screening graduate talent, decreasing its dependency on recruitment firms.