Aviva Ltd

Top HR Teams 2019

Aviva is embracing digital transformation by cultivating its talent pool: upskilling employees and preparing them for high-value roles. To do this, the insurer has launched three initiatives: the NexGen Technology, Professional Conversion and Growth Mindset Programmes.

During staff training, organisations often face the challenge of releasing workers from their everyday assignments in order for them to attend learning and development opportunities.

Under the NexGen Programme, Aviva – in partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority – is able to raise its capacity by hiring fresh IT graduates who can support daily tasks while existing employees undergo training.

In the course of a year, both the new graduates and staff are given the chance to learn about emerging technology. “This has created a win-win solution – young IT graduates have the opportunity to get on-the-job training and learn new skills while existing employees are reskilled,” Aviva said.

The strategy also enables Aviva to build an organic succession pipeline of potential leaders, especially in a tight labour market.

With new roles emerging in the digital economy, Aviva’s Professional Conversion Programme aims to train employees on customer management, reporting and quality assurance – areas which Aviva believes are vital to enhancing support service delivery in a data-intensive environment.

The Growth Mindset Programme, on the other hand, accelerates the development of employees by combining different learning styles – from classroom learning to hands-on experiments to case study analysis – to engage trainees and develop how they respond to various business challenges.

The efforts of the HR team are geared toward building a digital-savvy workforce. With a growth mindset, Aviva’s employees are encouraged to take ownership of their career and their future.