Vinci Construction Grands Projets

Vinci Construction Grands Projets is a part of HRD Asia's Top HR Teams 2018

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Industry: Construction
Areas of excellence: Health, wellbeing and safety

Industry: Construction Areas of excellence: Health, wellbeing and safety As one of the giants of the global construction industry, VCGP upholds the vision of zero accidents and safety first, and the success of each project banks on the health and safety of each team member. All stakeholders are very much involved and responsible for the wellbeing of all employees, and the HR team works closely with all departments, from construction and technical to administration and safety.

At VCGP, health and safety is systematically taken into account at all stages of a project, from design all the way to production and construction, and at all levels, from managers to supervisors and general staff. Method statements, instructions and risk evaluations are all rigorously implemented in order to minimise any risk, and a delegation system is in place to ensure accountability for everyone.

The team also oversees a specific health, wellbeing and safety program that includes the following components: daily morning exercises; health checks conducted by a site-based nurse; regular health checks for underground and compressed-air workers; appointed first aiders; spraying of mosquito repellent oil for disease prevention; education on pandemic diseases; training on personal protective equipment usage, and use of ergonomic tools. In addition to these, the team organises regular recreational gatherings for expatriates to promote relationship building and mental wellbeing.