Titansoft Pte Ltd

Innovative HR Teams 2020

Titansoft’s HR leaders aim to be at the top of their game when it comes to forward-thinking business practices – and promoting a culture of innovation is at the heart of it.

To ensure all workers reflect the core values of the company, the HR team leads monthly workshops with specially designed activities, then supports this with the use of new technology.

In 2019, the team adopted a wide array of workplace tools that not only enhance employee experience but also foster openness and growth. 

Having pulse surveys, for instance, has enabled the HR team to share data and insights that guide stakeholders in their decisions. At the same time, the team posts the results and comments for all staff to see and provide feedback on – a process that promotes transparency in the organization.

In the area of performance management, on the other hand, the HR team follows a unique ‘self-promotion’ process in which career development initiatives fall into the hands of the individual employee. By providing them with a clear structure for making decisions, employees are given power and control over their career progression. Whenever an employee feels they are ready to take on new challenges at work, they can submit documents and apply before a panel who, in turn, will assess whether they are ready to move on to the next level in their career.