Intel - Greater Asia Region (GAR)

Innovative HR Teams 2020

Amidst the landscape of a massive corporate cultural transformation, the fast-growing markets in Asia and a dynamic talent ecosystem, Intel’s HR team in Asia took on a transformation of its own to systemically break down barriers and rebuild the operating system to foster faster innovation.

HR embarked on a vision to make the team known as talent incubators, culture champions and innovators that value and role model velocity. The HR leadership team simplified the organisation structure and elevated more business-facing roles, hence facilitating faster decision making, encouraging transparent conversations, and engagement through various channels.

They also revamped recognition programs to make it more employee-friendly and fun, as well as participative, for instance through crowdsourcing new ideas. The HR leadership team inspired ‘above the line’ thinking and behaviours, as well as key leadership tenets.

Additionally, the HR leadership and HR top talent programs were redesigned to focus on building an outside-in perspective and real-life assignments that improved business results and created better employee experiences. This resulted in an unprecedented number of experiments and best practices globally and locally which quickly shifted the mindset to be more agile.

Many of these experiments have been set up to be tested within HR and to be scaled through iterative design to business groups requiring similar solutions. In less than one year, HR have made significant progress towards Intel’s vision and culture transformation through a systematic change approach.