Chinmay Sharma, Philip Morris International

Hot List 2020

Director - People & Culture

Chinmay Sharma has played a focal role in enabling the HR function to drive change and support Philip Morris in the midst of an organisational transformation.

He collaborated with other leaders to identify critical skills gaps and support the transformation. With his direction, the HR leadership team swiftly built a robust talent acquisition capability and secured the skills. To date, more than 70% of critical roles have been filled, ensuring the business remains supported through critical transformation period.

Sharma also built the capability to enable an organisation-wide mindset change and the adoption of new ways of working. His efforts have maintained impressive figures: in 2019, 100% of employees are aware of the new ways of working.

What’s more, Sharma has consistently pushed for communication of the ‘why’ behind the transformation, ensuring that employees related and supported the changes. One way was by facilitating genuine conversation between leaders and employees.

“Chinmay is a truly inspirational leader who has the perfect balance of business acumen and organisation mastery,” said the top executive who nominated Sharma.

“What makes him truly exceptional is his ability to sense the critical business impact that HR can make and his adaptability to various cultures with ease.”