Brian Fischer, Intel

Hot List 2020

Asia HR Director

Brian Fisher’s penchant for innovation pushes the HR team to perform and deliver results. He constantly challenges legacy practices to make them better suited for the current environment. An example includes a relook at Intel’s succession planning process. He also campaigned for the lifting of internal talent mobility restrictions, resulting in a “big win” for talent management at the organisation.

Fischer encourages the team to leverage technology to enable HR to make better decisions. For instance, the team now taps on attrition predictive analysis to get real time data at the individual level. The organisation has thus been able to put proactive measures in place to manage the risk of attrition. 

In addition, Fischer has deep business acumen and has enabled the learning series to help Intel’s HR professionals become better business partners. He also frequently involves key talents from across the organisation in crucial decision-making processes.

“His passion in driving HR to be part of the business gets the team motivated to go out and do something wonderful,” said the HR director who nominated Fischer. “He always encourages [and influences us] to ‘be at the table and contribute’.”