Theresa Phua, Head of HR, Singapore, DBS

Theresa Phua of DBS is part of the HRD Asia Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Head of HR, Singapore

To enable DBS, with its scale and structures, to function as "a 23,000-person start-up," Theresa Phua and her team embarked on a transformation journey that involved recalibrating the whole candidate and employee experience through human-centred design and digital solutions. This led them to move away from traditional hiring methods and venture into gamification, not to mention running hackathons in order to spot and recruit people with entrepreneurial mindsets. A seamless, end-to-end digital experience was also created in order to ensure continuous engagement, from a candidate's first interactions during job application to the day they join the bank.

Knowing that jobs are swiftly changing due to technological disruptions, Phua has aimed to foster a strong culture of learning, in order to bring about changes in people's mindsets. This year, the DBS team launched a cloud-based LMS that comprises a curriculum for employees across all levels to develop digital literacy. In 2018, the team is also looking at how capabilities such as robotics, AI and cloud solutions can be further integrated into existing processes in order to improve efficiency.