Sylvia Koh, Chief People Officer – Crimson Logic

Sylvia Koh of CrimsonLogic is part of the HRD Asia Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Chief people officer

Sylvia Koh is the chief people officer at CrimsonLogic, a Singapore-based management consulting firm. One key project that Koh has been responsible for is CrimsonLogic’s Graduate Technology Associate Programme, which is designed to attract the best millennial employees by affording an on-the-job experience unlike any other. Participating graduates get to witness cross-border negotiations with senior executives and in some cases even work on live-project implementations in far-flung locations. These programs enable them to play a part in building innovative projects for local governments while setting them up to be key contributors to the nation’s future economy.

Another initiative for Koh and her team was the launch of a new group HR ecosystem – [email protected] – as a touchpoint system for employees at each phase of the employee life cycle. The nine touchpoints accessible through the system are linked to various initiatives that cover L&D, leadership training, healthy lifestyle. Koh has also ensured that the touchpoints are aligned to the company’s core values, all of which drive engagement with employees and enhance the business.