Fauzi Wahab, VP of HR, Zuellig Pharma APAC

Fauzi Wahab of Zuellig Pharma APAC is part of the HRD Asia Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

VP of HR

Fauzi Wahab has worked in regional roles for companies as diverse as British American Tobacco and New Zealand dairy company Fonterra. He now finds himself in the healthcare sector with a new set of challenges and opportunities. Chief among these challenges is a significant transformation project: Zuellig Pharma has traditionally been a pharmaceutical distribution house, which it still is; however, the long-term strategy is to move into healthcare solutions. This transformation requires not just a shift in mindset for existing employees but also fresh talent from areas beyond the logistics sector, including experts in data analytics and patient care. Capability-building is therefore a key focus area for Wahab and his team.

A young talent program is concentrating on millennial talent – moving them up the corporate ladder and preparing them to become business leaders in the next three to five years." I see millennials as being like butterflie," Wahab says. "They like to go from one flower to another flower to gather nectar, and they don't like to stay too long."

However, all employees benefit from an enterprise-wide-e-learning strategy that has the overaching aim of building the capacity of workers to be agile with technology. A range of functional modules and leadership modules further aim to keep employee skills sharp.