Why do Singaporean workers have such itchy feet?

A new report reveals what Singaporeans look for in their search for greener pastures

Why do Singaporean workers have such itchy feet?
LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online network, released its first Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate report yesterday, which found that Singapore’s workforce is the most eager to make career moves in the APAC region.

The report – which looks at how professionals are finding jobs, what drives them to change roles, and what they are looking for at the various stages of the process – revealed that Singaporean professionals are less committed to their current employers than professionals from anywhere else in the region.

According to LinkedIn, 34% of respondents have no intention of staying with their companies for more than a year, while 42% are actively looking for new job opportunities (the highest rate among countries in the region, with a global average of only 30%).

One of the biggest reasons Singaporeans are searching for greener pastures, the report found, is a need to find corporations that match their personal interests and values.

“The talent market in Singapore is well-established and professionals take active ownership of their own career advancement,” said Feon Ang, Vice President of Talent and Learning Solutions, Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn. “People often move to seek greener pastures when they feel stagnated at a workplace, or have unmet expectations,” she said.

While workplace values may be key in Singapore, monetary compensation still takes the lead for countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, with 72% and 73% of the workforce moving to work with employers that give out a higher paycheck.

The desire of Singaporean professionals for personal fulfillment in their careers is consistent even among those who plan to stay with their current employers for several years. The report found that 67% of those who plan to stay do so because their current roles challenge them to improve their skills.

“This makes it even more important for businesses to ensure they build a strong talent pipeline by engaging prospective talent, as well as establish a strong employer brand, clearly communicating their culture and values to attract the right talent,” Ang said.

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