Why are APAC employees unhappy?

New research reveals that less than half of employees in the Asia-Pacific region are happy at work

Why are APAC employees unhappy?

Employees in the Asia Pacific region marginally less happy than their colleagues overseas, according to a new survey.

According to HR solutions firm TINYPulse’s 2017 Employee Engagement Report, out of more than 1,000 employees surveyed worldwide, only 28% of employees in Asia Pacific said they are happy at work, slightly lower than the global average of 30%.

"There is not a huge difference, but it does show that [the] majority of employees, [both] in and out of the Asia Pacific region, do not feel happy at work," Ketti Salemme, communications manager at TINYPulse told CNBC.

Why are employees in the Asia-Pacific unhappy? The answer could lie in communication.

Only 40% of employees in Asia rated their employers has having great internal communications, lower than the international average.

Along a similar vein, respondents also said the lack of transparency in terms of professional growth opportunities was contributing to their job dissatisfaction, with only 25% of those surveyed saying they knew and understood professional growth opportunities afforded to them.

Executive coach and author Victor Lipman describes lack of management transparency as a ‘morale-killer’.

“Who wants to feel their own management is routinely less than direct and honest with them?” he said.

In the survey, only 25% of employees reported feeling management is “very transparent”.

“If only one in four individuals on the employee side feels transparency, the great majority inhabit an at least somewhat mistrustful environment” Lipman warned in Forbes.


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