These things keep your IT workers motivated

Employee commitment can be generated intrinsically and extrinsically, study finds

These things keep your IT workers motivated

Employers should motivate their IT workers through a mix of approaches that includes providing positive feedback and creating an open culture for sharing opinions, a study found.

These will enhance employee commitment amid an environment of uncertainty and challenges.

A team from the SP Jain School of Global Management in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and HEC Paris looked at the role of organisational citizenship behaviour to address issues related to motivation and retention, reported The Economic Times.

“Affective commitment can play a significant role in influencing employees to engage in extra role behaviours,” said Shalini Chandra, one of the researchers. “These can be leveraged by information systems managers in multiple ways.”

The study offers insights into the relevance of autonomous motivations for IT workers.

Intrinsically, the manner in which IT workers appraise their own work will also keep them motivated and committed, Chandra said. Workers can also be encouraged to contribute their ideas in numerous platforms.

"This, in turn, will increase organisational performance as such employees engage in extra role behaviours."

Meanwhile, positive feedback from managers and even perks such as free lunches will also increase the extrinsic employee motivations.

Employees will also stay socially motivated if organisations make a genuine attempt to connect the employees to the beneficiaries of their work.

Thus, they can see the real impact of their job, Chandra said.

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