Staff stress levels skyrocket due to these issues

Some are even losing sleep over them - how well do you know the cause of their worries?

Staff stress levels skyrocket due to these issues

What’s keeping your employee awake at night? Well, according to a recent report from Perkbox and SEMrush, work-life balance and troublesome bosses are costing staff their sleep.

After analysing online searches from 2015 to 2017, the report found that ‘how many working days in a year’ was searched 1,237,000 times.

Another key search was ‘how to impress your boss’. It was searched 18,500 times in 2017 by anxious employees looking to get ahead.

“Good bosses are essential to any organisation,” said Chieu Cao, co-founder and CMO at Perkbox.

“But as the world of work continues to change so will the qualities and characteristics for effective management – and that’s what’s likely to be showing in these searches.”

Perhaps more worryingly, ‘how to prove your boss is bullying you?’ was searched 33,500 times last year.

“Today, employees are not looking to ‘impress’ their bosses in the same way as they used to 20 years ago,” Cao said.

“‘Impressing’ in today’s world of work almost means ‘challenging’ your peers as opposed to taking them at their word.

“As a result, bosses that are ‘caging’ their employees into strictly doing their day-to-day tasks and belittling them for their new suggestions because they’re too ‘inexperienced’ come across as bullies.

“Great bosses today must possess exceptional adaptability skills and must want to build a relationship with their team based on trust, commitment and engagement – that’s the environment where great ideas truly flourish.”

Another issue that may be keeping your employee on the edge of insomnia is the possibility of a demotion.




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