Shocking number of employers are neglecting staff mental health

Workplace mental health is a growing issue for HR

Shocking number of employers are neglecting staff mental health

Dealing with mental health in the workplace is an issue that HR leaders are continually grappling with. How do you remain supportive, whilst also respecting privacy? Should you approach them or wait till they ask to speak to you?

A recent report from ADP found that 20% of workers suffer from stress on a daily basis, with 31% claiming their employer isn’t interested in their mental wellbeing.

After surveying over 1,300 employees, ADP found that 33% of workers are so stressed in their jobs that they’re considering looking for a new role.

“A certain level of stress is natural, even healthy, in the workplace, but it’s important that it doesn’t get out of hand,” commented Jeff Phipps, managing director at ADP UK. “Employees who endure consistently high levels of stress are in danger of suffering from anxiety and even burnout.

“This can lead to more serious mental health issues, which will impact not only their performance, but also their career, and personal life for a long period of time. It is therefore in the interest of employers to help staff to manage stress and put a safety net in place, before any issues become more serious.”

Stress is apparently worst amongst younger workers, as 22% of those under 35 report being stressed every day, with a further 42% wanting to switch jobs just to deal with the pressure. This is in contrast to older workers, with just 19% admitting to being consistently stressed.

“Stress and mental health issues are one of the main causes of employee absence and staff turnover, which means supporting employees isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also a worthwhile investment,” continued Phipps.

“Initiatives should deal with both the causes of stress and mental health issues, but they should also look to improve diversity programs as a way to support employees.”

How are you dealing with mental health in your organization? Tell us in the comments.


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