On the frontiers of HR software technology

How are workforce changes influencing business decisions?

On the frontiers of HR software technology

New ways to manage employees and keep them engaged have emerged as the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many organisations to implement remote work arrangements. Rob Squires, vice president and head of sales for Asia at Ceridian, expects this situation to continue for a certain period and require sustained innovation. He cites the growing importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning in evolving HR systems, saying that the business benefits of these technologies include reducing human error and improving the performance of workplace processes.

“AI helps drive some key decisions during the recruitment process while staying fair and equitable in terms of the hiring practices,” said Squires. He added that companies need to embrace the gig economy approach characterised by “disparate workforces in different time zones.

“[Some] of the benefits [come from] being able to look beyond the typical geographic shores for talent ... So, companies that can take advantage of some of these technologies that help engage the workforce will actually benefit competitively,” he explained.

According to Squires, Ceridian is being beneficial and disruptive in the mobile technology space, thanks to “the kinds of user interfaces and engagements that we enable within our solutions for employees to feel like they’re engaging with the organisation typically in the way that they would in their social [life] or the social media world”.

Technology, he told HRD, can address the challenges of the hybrid workforce if organisations take a holistic view by considering talent at a global scale and improving their recruitment strategies to attract the right employees.

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