Leadership Impact - A new concept for developing leaders

A new way of developing and evaluating leaders may transform how leaders are shaped in your organisation

Leadership Impact - A new concept for developing leaders
The standard approach for management development has been through feedback describing the characteristics and behaviours of a person. However, a new concept has emerged in evaluating and developing leaders. “It is to measure the impact leaders have on others,” says Michael Gourley, director of Asia/Pacific for Human Synergistics International.

“An example would be a perfectionist who performed well as a manager, staying on top of every detail, who micro-manages as a leader. The impact reported by others is that this style of leadership causes them [the organisational members] to have to act in dependent and conventional ways. From being an effective manager, this person has become an ineffective leader.”

“Leaders cannot be considered to ‘lead’ unless in some way they transform the organisational context of members in ways in which they approach their work and interact with one another,” says Rob Cooke PhD, CEO and director of HSI. 

This definition gives a new perspective to leadership. Unless they influence the culture of the organisation, they are not leading. This means they need to understand the strategies leaders use, and what influences organisational culture.

The Leadership/Impact® report developed by Dr Cooke from his research on leadership, measures these strategies and the impact leaders have on members in the organisation. When used in tandem with understanding group dynamics and the causal factors which influence culture, leaders are equipped to enhance the effectiveness of their organisations. 

“Evaluating the impact of leaders is a significant step forward in understanding leadership from situational leadership and charismatic models,” says Gourley.

“For Singapore to become more innovative and entrepreneurial – as advocated by political leaders, business schools and corporate leaders – these new insights need to be comprehended and acted upon.”

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