Is it possible to be paid too much?

Overpaid workers are essentially prisoners of their jobs, according to a new survey

Is it possible to be paid too much?
Apparently, there is such a thing as being paid too much.

According to the latest survey by consulting firm Aon Hewitt, a majority of nearly 500,000 workers polled said their “fat paychecks keep them shackled to their jobs, with no motivation to leave”.

“While that’s great for employees who love their jobs, it’s also one reason why people who hate their jobs stay in their positions,” said the report by Fortune.

“In fact, those unmotivated individuals who hate their jobs may be more likely to stay with their company than the average employee.”

In their survey, Actively Disengaged and Staying, Aon Hewitt said almost 60% of those polled make above-market wage compared with 48% of the rest of the working population.

The report further stated that these employees sit tight because they know they’re being paid more than they are worth in the open market.

They said that the longer these employees stay with the company, the less likely they are to leave since they “feel as if they’ve been through thick and thin with the firm”.

“Around 17.1% of employees who have been with their company for over 26 years, but hate their job, have no intention of quitting, compared to roughly 5% of those who have been with their company between six months to a year,” they found.

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