HR’s biggest challenges revealed

A survey of over 3,000 HR professionals across the Asia-Pacific has unveiled some of the sector’s most formidable barriers

HR’s biggest challenges revealed
s year has been a difficult one for HR with turbulent global and local conditions requiring businesses to turn on a dime. These external and internal changes have created added pressures on HR throughout the APAC region.
HRD Magazine’s 2016 Asia-Pacific HR Report surveyed more than 3,000 HR professionals. Amongst respondents, the year’s top five biggest challenges were:
1. Managing change
2. Employee engagement & retention
3. Demonstrating value as a business partner
4. Building internal credibility and influence
5. Employee development
“Cost and workplace design pressures are our biggest challenges,” said one survey respondent. “We get stuck in downsizing cycles but never have enough time to build up before moving into another one."
“It’s a race to the bottom driven by money, when with money and good HR you could make more.”
Another survey participant bemoaned the usual staff reactions to change in the workplace.
“Change management is the greatest barrier. Employees always tend to resist change even when the outcome is positive for everyone.”
Other respondents referred to the changes occurring within HR itself.
“For me it’s about changing organisational thinking from HR being a reactive resource to [being] a proactive resource and engaging with them at the beginning of a project/task.”
“It’s about shifting from operational/transactional HR work and into … strategic work,” another said.
Finally, some participants pointed to time constraints as being a major hurdle for change.
“Having the confidence and time to innovate and try new things,” one HR professional wrote. “Not seeing barriers as the end of the road but using influence to ensure the best outcomes for the business and the people.”
Do you agree with these sentiments? What challenges have you seen this year and how did you overcome them? Tell us your views in the comments below.

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