HRD Asia Innovative HR Teams 2024

Top employers 'moving the dial… to build high-achieving teams'

HRD Asia Innovative HR Teams 2024

HRD Asia is excited to reveal the 15 top employers that have been named Innovative HR Teams for 2024.

This year's winners appreciate the importance of tech and other HR efforts in staying innovative and cutting-edge to create positive employee experiences and business success.

Among the top employers for 2023 are Certis Group, with key HR initiatives that include integrated digital platforms, flexible work schedules, HR analytical tools and AI-driven chatbots.

“Our HR innovation is driven by a mindset of continuous improvement and adaptability. We believe in embracing changes as a catalyst for growth, which pushes us to explore new strategies and technologies that enhance our practices and overall workplace environment,” says Jaclyn Lee, Certis Group’s chief human resources officer, in our in-depth, special report looking at HRD Asia Innovative HR Teams 2024.

Industry expert Helen Coult, APAC regional president at Armstrong Craven, says key areas leading the innovation discourse for HR are skills-based hiring, upskilling employees and retaining staff.

“It’s more important now than ever to engage your employees by enriching their experience, leveraging their skills and potentially developing them further in ways the individual didn’t know they had the capacity to develop,” she says.

“Looking at innovation, there’s all sort of tech that you can leverage to help move the dial towards a place where you’re starting to build high-achieving teams.”

For the full list of winners and special report, be sure to check out HRD Asia Innovative HR Teams 2024.

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