Exclusive: A chat with Bloomberg’s new APAC diversity head

The newly appointed head of diversity & inclusion for Asia-Pacific discussed the benefits of D&I and what Asia has to offer in terms of global leadership

Exclusive: A chat with Bloomberg’s new APAC diversity head
Expanding its global diversity & inclusion team, Bloomberg has welcomed Hayden Majajas as its new head of D&I for Asia-Pacific. Majajas talked with HRD about his journey into this role and what he plans for the future.
Originally from Australia, Majajas worked for 15 years in Tokyo followed by a period of eight years in Hong Kong in the financial services and oil & gas industries.
Although he started his career in legal advisory, he soon moved into business strategy and then into D&I where he said he found a natural calling.
“My four years in the oil & gas industry helped me tackle fundamental D&I issues such as understanding and addressing the barriers for inclusion for women in STEM in Asia – one of the biggest corporate and societal challenges.”
Majajas relocated to Singapore in mid-2015 and was appointed as Bloomberg’s head of D&I for the APAC region earlier this month.
“I am very commercial when it comes to D&I,” he said when asked about his approach to the field. “I advocate a model of embedding D&I in a strategic and systemic way as opposed to a model that focuses on quick-wins and events.”
Working in regional D&I roles for the past 10 years, Majajas said he has seen how the field can nurture innovation and build better performing teams – ultimately leading to a more successful company.
Bloomberg’s reputation for innovation and the opportunity to grow their extensive D&I capabilities is one reason he is excited to join the firm.
“In addition to this, the culture of openness is one that naturally resonates with me,” he said.
“Most of all, when it comes to D&I there is only so much that any one company can achieve by themselves; many D&I issues require strategic partnership with our clients, the societies in which we operate, and the governments we work with.”
Bloomberg is perfectly positioned for this, he added.
Looking to the future, Majajas said he is especially interested in creating Asian leaders and building truly global leaders locally.
“Some of the world's best talent sits in this region and I see my role as ensuring our talent have the platform and opportunity to take their careers to the highest levels globally.”
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