Eighty-two per cent of employers offer structured training

The latest report by MOM has revealed some positive trends in local employers with regards to providing structured training for their staff

Eighty-two per cent of employers offer structured training
A record 82% of Singaporean employers offered structured training to at least one employee in 2014, according to the Survey on Employer Supported Training by the Manpower Research and Statistics Department at the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
These findings indicate an increase from the 71% of employers offering training in 2012. This may be a result of higher levels of government support and a greater emphasis on upskilling the Singaporean workforce. On average, the survey found that 56% of employees at organisations providing structured training were enrolled in these programs.
Looking at large organisations of 200 employees or more, it was found that 96% of organisations offer structured training programs to at least one of their staff. Why is this the case? Possible reasons are better access to resources and more effective HR policies.
By industry, results were as follows (with the percentage of firms offering structured training in that sector found in parentheses):
  • Construction (96%)
  • Financial & insurance services (90%)
  • Manufacturing (84%)
  • Real estate services (80%)
In establishments that provided training, the average cost was S$726 per trainee in 2014 compared with S$717 in 2012. When averaged across all staff within these organisations, the cost per employee was S$410 in 2014 and S$407 in 2012.
After accounting for training grants and subsidies however, average training expenses were actually slightly lower. In 2014, these costs were S$636 per trainee and S$360 per employee while in 2012 they were S$641 per trainee and S$362 per employee.
Motivations remained the same across the years with employers stating increased training subsidies and better workload management as the top reasons to send staff for training.
This move produced a number of positive impacts on organisational and staff performance especially in the following areas (percentages indicate the number of employers who received these benefits):
  • Work efficiency (83%)
  • Quality of services (78%)
  • Ability to meet changing/future needs (65%)
  • Employee’s skill levels (92%)
  • Job responsibilities (70%)
The survey was conducted from March to May this year with a total of 3,900 private establishments polled.
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