£1mill donation boosts #TimesUp movement

Emma Watson donates £1 million to a fund that aims to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

£1mill donation boosts #TimesUp movement

The movement to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace just got a £1 million boost from British actress Emma Watson.

“This movement is bigger than just a change in our industry alone,” Watson said as she donated to the UK Justice and Equality Fund.

The fund aims to make workplaces safe for all employees and ensures anyone subjected to harassment and abuse can access support.

Watson also joined at least 190 fellow British actresses in signing a new open letter from the #TimesUp movement ahead of the recent Bafta awards.

The letter was published in The Observer.

The statement talked about harassment, discrimination and abuse in workplaces across industries and countries.

“This movement is intersectional, with conversations across race, class, community, ability and work environment, to talk about the imbalance of power.”

The letter touched on the persistent gender pay gap where men receive higher pay than women doing the same jobs, as well as the emergence of the gig economy, which has created power relationships conducive to harassment and abuse.

“Finally, we are talking to each other, talking to our employers, our unions, our male allies and challenging our perpetrators and their enablers.

“Where there was isolation and silence in the film industry there is now connection and voice. Where there was internalisation and self-blame, there is now self-analysis and interrogation.

“We are connecting and partnering with our fellow workers, women and men, in a truly transformational way. Such unity has been inspirational for all of us. We want you to be part of this.”


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