PRO Unlimited partners with Ceridian to offer pay on demand

More than 80% of U.S. workers believe they should have access to their earned wages at the end of each shift, Ceridian says

PRO Unlimited partners with Ceridian to offer pay on demand

San Francisco-based PRO Unlimited, an integrated workforce management platform provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Ceridian, a global leader in human capital management technology.

PRO Unlimited will be offering users Dayforce Wallet, Ceridian’s pay solution that enables employees to access their pay on demand, a growing trend during the Great Resignation.

A recent Ceridian study revealed 83% of workers in the United States believe they should have access to their earned wages at the end of each day or shift, and 78% said free access to this on-demand pay would increase their loyalty to an employer. Workers across generations are looking for further payday flexibility compared to the traditional two-week or four-week pay cycles.

“In a world where almost anything can be accessed instantly, the current model of pay cycles is outdated,” Seth Ross, general manager of Dayforce Wallet and consumer services at Ceridian, said in a press release. “With Dayforce Wallet, we envision a future where every individual will have the option to access their full pay as soon as they earn it. By partnering with Dayforce, PRO Unlimited is redefining how contingent workers are paid and positively shaping their financial well-being.”

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Dayforce Wallet grants workers more control over their compensation by giving them access to their earned net pay whenever they need it, at no cost to them or their employer. When workers make an on-demand pay request through the Dayforce Wallet mobile app, their pay is deposited directly into their Dayforce Wallet account, which can then be used to make purchases, pay bills, withdraw cash or make direct deposits into another checking account.

“The rapid expansion of the modern workforce segment coupled with the pandemic has accelerated how we embrace digital transactions,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited. “This segment expects a frictionless, end-to-end process that includes access to assignments, payments and other financial documents from their mobile devices, and has driven organizations to rethink their strategies and tools for sourcing, administering training and benefits and onboarding. As such, this strategic partnership with Ceridian is one more step in addressing the contingent workforce’s expanding needs and expectations.”

PRO Unlimited keeps tabs on what employees want through frequent surveys and analyses. For example, in November, the company collected data from more than 30,000 workers in the country, determining that 89% of employees prefer a role with remote options. In other words, employers that offer such flexibility will capture 96% of the labor market while those that don’t will lose out on 58% of candidates.

“This is another example of how we are at the helm of advancing the industry’s only integrated workforce management platform comprised of SaaS, total talent intelligence and professional services for enterprise and mid-market companies to leverage,” Akeroyd said.

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