Zombies don’t know better, but you should

by 10 May 2013

A group of imaginative Winnipeg students have created a winning workplace safety video featuring a brainless zombie. The students, of Oak Park High School, entered the video in their provincial safe work video contest snagging first place, and two $1,000 prizes – one for them, and one for their school.

The quirky, 50-second video features a group of paint spattered labourers who are requested by their supervisor to replace some ceiling tiles using a ladder. The ladder is obviously, comically decrepit, but the supervisor pretends that there is no problem with it, pointing out that their colleague, Jimmie, is happily using it.

“Jimmie’s a zombie, he doesn’t know any better,” one of the female labourers retorts. The revelation is a segue to the video’s motto: “Don’t be a workplace zombie, you have the right to refuse unsafe work. You’ve got a brain, use it.”

The scenario comes to a happy conclusion with the supervisor agreeing to obtain a safer ladder.

“We had watched videos that were basically just people getting hurt, and we didn’t really like that idea,” Shannon Pullan, one of the students told Global News. “We thought we would put a spin on it and add zombies, ‘cause we had been making a lot of movies with zombies.”

Having won their provincial round, they’re now on their way to the national finals and, if they win that, they’ll represent Canada in an international workplace video contest.

To watch the video, and support its makers, click here.



  • by Legend 17/05/2013 2:29:04 PM

    I love zombies and this takes creativity to a whole new level. Fantastic work.