Top 10 Christmas party characters

by Tammy Buckley20 Dec 2013
According to British research there are 10 personality types at every bash, from the flirt to weeper to the limpet and peak-too-sooner.

Browns, a bar and brasserie chain, who commissioned the report argue every party will feature these archetypal characters - how many of them can you spot at your annual do?

The top 10 characters of the Christmas party are:

The Christmas Kisser: Keep clear of the mistletoe! This individual can’t resist sharing a slobbery or 10. Identifying characteristics of this individual include being in their late 30s or early 40s and ‘happily’ married.

The Peak-too-sooner: This over-enthusiastic partier spends the weeks leading up to the do hyping it up and raving how much fun it will be and their wild plans. The bash begins, and a couple of hours later they’re the ones snoozing in the corner or catching an early taxi home.

The Flirt: This person locks onto a target and then spends the evening getting close, making inappropriate comments and even getting a bit handsy.

The Blabbermouth: They are that one person who has kept their opinions to themselves all year, but as the festive spirit takes over their lips become unsealed. Suddenly their true feelings come pouring out from their unhappiness at missing a promotion to revealing company secrets.

The Dark Horse: Day to day this person goes unnoticed in the office but at the Christmas bash their inner outrageous self is unleashed. They can be found dancing on tables or helping themselves to colleagues’ drinks.

The Limpet: This one isn’t hard to spot; they’re the offices equivalent of the teachers pet  – they will always be found stuck to the boss, laughing at his/her jokes, fawning over any business plan discussions and paying for the boss's drinks out of their own pocket.

The Weeper: Personal problems don’t get left at the door for this individual, instead they wear their heart on their sleeve and spend the evening telling anyone who will listen their ‘woe is me’ tale and leave behind a trail of tear-stained tissues.

The Dancer: This individual will own the dancefloor, however the moves they bust out may not necessarily be from this decade.

The Organiser: They’ve organised the party with military precision, and if you have an issue with any of it, keep it to yourself as this person will soon be on your case.

The Houdini: They seem up for plenty of festive frolics in the preceding days to the annual event, but once the party is underway they’re hard to find, having left early while the workforce descends into full party mode.