Renegade resumes: The craziest of them all

by 19 Jul 2013

If you’ve ever been involved in recruitment, chances are you’ve seen some awful resumes, but have you ever seen one that involved a car crash diagram? A recent post on Reddit resulted in individuals coming out of the wood-works to reveal the most out there resume blunders (or triumphs) they’d ever encountered, Business Insider reported.

Here are HC’s most random renegade resumes:

  • Nothing but a picture of the candidate standing next to a limousine. No caption, no explanation.

  • A candidate who stated their hobbies/interests included “Simulating earthquakes by shaking tables.”

  • A five page resume, in which every aspect of pizza making (flatten the dough, put on the cheese) was listed as a separate job duty.

  • A resume where the candidate forgot to put on any contact details or name.

  • A candidate who requested their former boss wasn’t called for a reference, as they had an affair together.

  • A detailed diagram and discussion of a car crash the candidate was in.

  • The cream of the crop - and most offensive of all? A candidate put ‘Hymen Checker on Australian Sheep Farm” as a position they held. When asked about it, he said he wanted to test if people actually read his resume.

Business Insider’s full list can be read here.


Ever had a resume that didn’t quite fit the norm? What was it like, and how did it impact your decision?


  • by Glenda May 19/07/2013 3:31:26 PM

    I think my best/ worst application would have to be a singing telegram which ended up with "Sue is the girl for you!"