New year resolutions: Why an MBA should be number one on the list

by 19 Dec 2012

Professional development is necessary  when considering career progression. Malcolm Kinns provides tips for those looking to climb the career ladder in 2013.

New Year’s is the time of year when we reflect on our achievements and compile a list of resolutions for the year that is approaching.

For professionals, this means considering whether or not their career has been heading in right direction or progressing at the right pace.

While hands-on experience forms the basis of career development, education and on-going skills improvement is also key for those looking to take the next step in their career.

For many, committing to study can seem like a daunting prospect that will require sacrifices of both and time and money to be made. However, with the right provider and study options, undertaking post-graduate study should be a rewarding experience.

Why study an MBA?

An MBA isn’t just a qualification, it’s a passport that enables individuals to progress their skills, knowledge and professional networks to their full potential.

By focusing on the development of core areas including, marketing, organisational behaviour, project management, accounting, economics, finance and strategic planning, professionals can start enhancing both their hard and soft skills to achieve better results as individuals and to assist in the performance of their colleagues.

Undertaking an MBA also provides professionals with access to a network of business and community leaders from a broad range of sectors.

Finally, holding an MBA is a personal branding statement that clearly indicates to senior staff members and potential employers that management and leadership skills are part of your DNA.

Tackling an MBA fulltime

The most common reason people don’t achieve their New Year’s goals is a lack of planning.

Success is not an accidental destination; it is achieved by creating and executing a well-conceived plan.

This means setting an objective, identifying specific targets and taking the time to research the best avenues possible to execute the plan.

When juggling a full-time or even a part-time role, planning how and when you will study is crucial to your chances for success.

At EBS, our MBA program was developed to meet the unique demands of the international business world and professionals with considerable time constraints.

The program offers professionals the ability to choose the length, time and delivery of their study program to ensure that it fits in with their professional and personal commitments.

To ensure they get the best results during their time studying, students can also select what topics they study and when. This allows professionals to match their study with the demands of their workplace or clients and to literally learn on the job.

Investing in your future

The final hurdle for many professionals when considering further education is cost. Speaking to a financial planner can help professionals to better understand how to manage the cost of studying.

Alternatively, many MBA providers offer scholarships for professionals with goal or vision.

The EBS Australasian Scholarship Scheme awards full scholarships to nationals from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands each year.

The assessment of applicants is based on their level of financial need, intellectual ability as well as their potential contribution to society.

EBS is dedicated to assisting start-up individuals to ensure they have an opportunity to complete postgraduate education and achieve their professional aspirations.

Make a plan to study and see that 2013 is the year that you take your career to the next level.


About the author

Malcolm Kinns is general manager of Edinburgh Business School (EBS)