Recruitment: It’s about more than just the candidate

When it comes to hiring new staff, could your company do more to boost its appeal to highly skilled workers?

Recruitment: It’s about more than just the candidate

Recruiting skilled staff in New Zealand is still a “continuous challenge” but companies need to do more to attract better candidates.

Despite the number of firms currently hiring, Xero chief executive officer Rod Drury says there is a shortage of skilled, talented staff to fill these roles.

In order to attract candidates, “you have to be able to tell a story, and make your firm an attractive place” to work, Drury said. Companies need to inspire candidates, as they will be looking to join a company they believe in, he added.

Mel Rowsell, Vend’s general manager of people and culture, agrees but says it is also important to find skilled workers who fit in with your company’s culture.

“Because we like to employ awesome people, we don't settle so it can take us a bit longer to find just the right person,” she said.

Rowsell recommends working on employment brands and utilising employees’ networks to source good candidates. She says ensuring everyone feels like part of the team and knowing how they can help the company “win” is also crucial.

Author of ‘Human Resources Kit For Dummies’ Max Messmer listed the following recruitment tips in his book.


  • Make your company stand out: Highlight what makes your company culture unique, and emphasise the opportunity for skill development.
  • Have an accurate job description. This needs to be succinct, specific and identify the ‘must-haves’ for the job. It's better to have five applicants who definitely deserve an interview than 100 who don't.
  • Network. Reach out to your professional and personal networks – including LinkedIn –  for potential candidates, and ask employees for referrals.
  • Work with recruiters. Although these are expensive, they will able to find and screen candidates for you. Look for those who specialise in your field or industry.

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