Reporting and analytics features to help businesses gain insight into employee data

HR Tech Review: Employment Hero

Reporting and analytics features to help businesses gain insight into employee data

Employment Hero is a cloud-based HR and payroll software known for providing basic reporting and analytics features to help businesses gain insights into their HR and employee data. The software's people analytics platform collects and analyses data on employee demographics, performance, training, and more to generate reports and dashboards, aiding in decision-making related to employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

The platform offers various features beyond data analytics, such as onboarding and employee data management, attendance and leave management, payroll and benefits administration, performance management and feedback, employee self-service and communication, and integrations with other tools.

The pricing for the HR module includes four tiers: Hiring Essentials (free), HR Standard ($8 per employee per month), HR Premium ($11 per employee per month), and HR Platinum ($15 per employee per month). The Payroll module comes in two options: Payroll Standard ($5 per employee per month) and Payroll Premium ($7 per employee per month). Notably, people analytics is part of the reporting mechanism, and additional software is needed for in-depth analytics.

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The platform prioritises safety and security, employing encryption protocols, strict access controls, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits. While no software can guarantee 100% security, Employment Hero takes measures to protect sensitive data.

The software provides several benefits, including streamlined HR management, compliance and legal support, employee self-service functionality, performance management tools, payroll and benefits management, communication and collaboration features, and scalability with integration capabilities.

Competitors of Employment Hero in the HR analytics software space include PeopleHR, UKG Dimensions, Visier, NaturalInsight, PageUp, 360 Feedback, Natural HR, Winningtemp, ChartHop, and CEIPAL Workforce.

Established in 2014, Employment Hero serves over 200,000 businesses globally, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The company, founded by Ben Thompson and Dave Tong, focuses on providing technology to streamline HR processes, with a significant annual investment in research and development.

While Employment Hero lacks a standalone HR analytics software, its comprehensive HR and payroll capabilities make it suitable for organisations of various sizes and natures. The software's emphasis on HR analytics is essential for understanding workforce needs, and despite this limitation, Employment Hero remains a valuable tool for HR management. Businesses seeking the right HR analytics software may find comprehensive reviews helpful in making an informed decision.

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