NZ employers urged to upskill cybersecurity

As the world has been consumed by COVID-19 panic, it seems employers have become remiss in safeguarding their cyber security

NZ employers urged to upskill cybersecurity

A recent report from Accenture called for New Zealand businesses to invest more time and effort in prevent cyberattacks.

“Organisations are spending more money on state-of-the-art security tools,” added Accenture New Zealand MD Ben Morgan.

“But, if these are not scaled across their business then there will be vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber criminals and other malicious actors.

“While the technology is there to thwart these increasingly sophisticated attacks, and companies are purchasing these solutions, they are coming unstuck when it comes to scaling them across their organisations.

“Their problem isn’t the technology, it is having the technology deployed correctly and making sure employees know how to use it.”

Whilst companies are continuing to invest in new tools, it seems that just 25% of these tools are being successfully deployed.

Accenture also urged employers to train their people on the nuances of cyber security and the importance of staying up to date with best practices.

“Just like with workplace health and safety, all employees have a role to play in maintaining good cyber security practices,” added Morgan.

“If employees are unsure about the origins of an email, or think a hyperlink or attachment look dodgy, then businesses need a way of assessing whether these pose a risk.”

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