L&D is gaining traction in business – here's how to get onboard

Whitepaper delivers insights into challenges, goals, budgets and positioning of L&D

L&D is gaining traction in business – here's how to get onboard

Learning and development (L&D) is a field that has come into its own in terms of value in the workplace. 15% more L&D professionals were promoted than their HR counterparts and there was a 94% rise in demand for L&D specialists compared to the last quarter.

A whitepaper produced by HRD in partnership with LinkedIn delivers insights into the current challenges, goals, budgets and positioning of L&D within organisations in LinkedIn’s sixth annual Workplace Learning Report.

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Employees need to feel cared for, valued, and that their skills are put to good use

Adam Gregory, senior director, ANZ talent & learning solutions at LinkedIn said, “L&D is an ideal way to deliver on the needs of the employee and light up company culture. Learning powers culture and culture empowers engaged employees who are energised to innovate, delight customers and beat the competition.

Managers Matter

Last year’s workplace learning report declared managers ‘a secret skill-building weapon’ and the increase of remote and hybrid setups means their importance has only grown. LinkedIn’s data revealed the critical factor to an employee feeling cared for in the workplace, is their manager.

Organisations need to future-proof teams as change occurs at lightning speed

The function of L&D is transforming. It is becoming a critical role within business and leaders must adjust to this changing nature. Technology is offering new and innovative ways like virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing, and the internet of things offer great ways of supporting L&D in the workplace.

Recreating the L&D machine requires collaboration

Creating meaningful, successful L&D requires a shift in thinking. “In a unique moment in time, when organisations can rethink their approach to many aspects of HR, the collaboration between L&D and people analytics is resulting in more effective, fact-based and impactful learning experiences,” said Nigel Dias, managing director at 3n Strategy.

Read the full white paper here.

Read more: https://www.hcamag.com/nz/specialisation/mental-health/how-to-prove-the-roi-on-ld/245724

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