Clear communication urged amid flexible work policies

Organisations at risk of diluting culture due to flexible programmes

Clear communication urged amid flexible work policies

In the wake of flexible work arrangements, managers are told to clearly communicate with employees to maintain their organisational culture.

This is according to a recent white paper from StrategicPay, titled Unintended Consequences: How Managers Dilute Organisational Culture with Flexible Working Policies.

"HR professionals and business owners need to ensure their managers' communication is clear, that they establish trust with employees, create social interaction opportunities, and treat their employees equitably," the paper read.

The advice comes amid the risk of diluting organisational culture due to flexible work practices, likely because of lack of trust, communication breakdown, and inequitable treatment.

Retaining organisational culture

To prevent this, StrategicPay's paper suggested promoting in-office collaboration days as a practical measure to retain organisational culture.

"Working together enables cross pollination of knowledge and a sense of togetherness. It also strengthens employee connections to the place of work," the report read. "Collaboration days are an effective way to encourage employee's connection and belonging," the report read.

Employers should also promote opportunities for social interactions, it added.

"This is important when working flexibly because it helps employees stay connected with their colleagues and maintains a sense of community, even when they are apart," the report read.

It also suggested keeping calendars up to date, where employers are told to provide transparency on employees' whereabouts to avoid conflicts.

StrategicPay went in-depth with these recommendations in its white paper, which can be accessed here.

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