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Mentorships hindered by a big, manly problem

Two US academics say women aren’t getting the guidance they need in the workplace because men just don’t know how to mentor them.

Mentorships being sabotaged by ‘man-scripts’

Two US academics say women are at risk of having their independence undermined by men who don’t know how to coach them.

Is Google the new HR department?

Line managers are increasingly turning to Google for their information instead of the HR department, according to new research, but why?

No. #1 Name mix-ups considered a ‘gaffe?’

No. #1 Name mix-ups considered a ‘gaffe?’

As far as gaffes go, it’s not that bad. Yet in these Twittering times, the slightest slip of the tongue is recorded for all to see within seconds. NRL CEO David Smith can’t catch a break.