Candidates looking for 'cool and unique' workplaces

In today's ultra-competitive market, it's not enough to offer great remuneration and career progression – we also have to be cool

Candidates looking for 'cool and unique' workplaces

What really draws in candidates? In today’s ultra-competitive market, it’s no longer enough for organizations to talk the talk – you have to be up-to-date with the latest benefits and trends.

A recent report from CV-Library found that 56% of employees would be more likely to apply to a role if the company had a “cool or unique workplace”.

After surveying 1,200, the study highlighted that younger workers were more likely to look for work in companies with ‘funky’ workplaces, as 81% of millennials and generation Z workers agreed with this. Despite this, just one in ten employees work somewhere with a unique office space.

“It’s interesting to see that while these ‘cool’ or unique workplaces are desirable, only one in 10 professionals currently work in one,” added Lee Biggins, MD of CV-Library.

“Consider whether you could implement some interesting features at your workplace. For some companies, an interesting workspace is a top priority and for others it simply isn’t.”

The top most desired workplace features include a games room (49.5%), a bar (35.5%), a pool table (32.7%), table tennis (25.2%) and a cinema (14%). Adding to this, 81% of employees believe that the design of their workplaces has a direct impact on how productive they are.

“It’s clear that workers don’t want to feel bored at work and want to be motivated by their environment,” continued Biggins. “Therefore, incorporating different features could give staff a chance to have fun at work.

“After all, we spend the majority of our time in the workplace and it’s important that it’s enjoyable. If an employee feels unfulfilled at your workplace, they may choose to search for a company with an environment more suitable to their needs.”

Do you have a ‘quirky’ workplace? Tell us in the comments.


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