Boss jailed over 'lewd' videos of female co-workers

About 55 films were found in his phone

Boss jailed over 'lewd' videos of female co-workers

The managing director of a manufacturing firm in Singapore was sentenced to 18 weeks’ jail and a $600 fine for taking obscene videos of his female employees.

It was found that he had filmed over 55 videos using his mobile phone over a number of years. The offences began when he went on a business trip with one of the staffers.

In court, it was shown that the MD had a form of autism. However, the judge found that he was able to make conscious decisions and aware that the acts were wrong. The court’s sentence was adjusted accordingly and aimed to enforce that what he did was unacceptable.

MD Lin Li Hao had filmed a total of three female employees on different occasions. His main victim was filmed during several business trips, as well as at their office in Singapore.

The videos stopped when the woman quit sometime in 2016, according to The Straits Times.

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In March 2017, the MD started taking obscene videos of other co-workers at the office.

He then tried to film a contracted auditor, but was caught when she noticed a mobile phone in the toilet cubicle. She immediately reported Lin to the police. Lin admitted to filming her but claimed he had deleted the video.

During court proceedings it was found that the MD also had a collection of the brand of ladies’ underwear worn by his employee.

His condition, Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder characterised by somewhat anti-social behaviour, was taken into account when the judge meted out his sentence.

The ‘lighter’ sentence will remind Lin of the harm he caused to his victims, said the judge. Lin is now seeking professional help to avoid repeating the offences.

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