Cop misfires gun in office

by 19 Feb 2010

Comcare has begun civil proceedings against an Australian Federal Police officer who accidentally fired his gun in an open-plan office.

Four fellow officers were nearby as the gun discharged in the office, with the bullet lodging in an office desktop.

Comcare's investigations found that while the officer had appropriate safety systems and training, the employee's actions in firing the weapon had created a risk of injury to himself and his colleagues.

It found "clear evidence that the unintentional discharge was a direct consequence of the way in which the officer transported, stored and then reloaded his pistol".

Legal proceedings were commenced by Comcare last week, according to a statement, with the officer facing a potential $9000 fine for the accident.

“Employers have the duty to put in place effective safety systems to protect workers from harm at work – and that has occurred here. Equally, employees must be aware of their serious obligations under workplace safety laws to prevent dangerous situations,” Comcare chief Paul O’Connor said.